Blogs I Love to Read

I love reading blogs! So I thought I’d share some of my favorites in case you’re interested in reading them to! In order to read so many blogs, I use Google Reader which allows me to read blogs through their RSS feeds. It’s a must!

After reviewing my list, what blogs am I missing? What other blogs should I be reading?

Blogs on Leadership

Dan Cathy

John Maxwell

Michael Hyatt

Tom Peters

Tim Elmore

Blogs on Ministry

Perry Noble’s Blog

More Than Dodgeball

Steven Furtick

Mark Batterson

Pete Wilson
Blogs on Writing

All Freelance Writing

Make a Living Writing

Rachelle Gardner

Blogs on Creativity

Church Crunch

Church Create

Blogs on Social Media

Chalene Johnson’s Blog

Chris Brogan


Pushing Social

Blogs on Blogging

Copy Blogger



Blogs on Business

Tim Sanders

Inc.Com – Start-Ups

Seth Godin

Blogs on Fitness

BeachBody Fitness Forums

BeachBody Forums – Maintaining Results

BeachBody Forums – Nutrition

Tony Horton’s Blog