Book Review: Axiom

This is definitely a must read for those in leadership and ministry. Bill Hybels is the senior pastor and founder of Willow Creek Community Church (One of the largest churches in the nation). The book consists of 76 leadership proverbs that Bill has learned personally through experience throughout his 30 years in leadership at Willow. Out of all the leadership books I’ve read – this is probably the most practical one I’ve read. Every proverb has something you can implement in your churches or businesses. I’ll be using this book as one of my leadership road-maps for a long time. I’m going to keep it on my desk so I’m able to go back to the principles often and make sure I’m implementing them. Here are some of my highlights:

  • Leadership is a lot about asking – the longer you lead – the bigger “asks”you’ll have
  • People in your organization will have no clue what season they’re in unless you tell them
  • Most of the worse managerial calamities I’ve caused – in which people got deeply hurt can be traced back to my being overly optimistic putting people in roles they were ill equipped to play.
  • Your followers have to know it’s legal to admit that while they may be sitting across the conference-room table wearing a smile and a trendy outfit, nothing is fine or fitting quite right on the inside
  • If you cannot say, “Follow me,” to your followers and mean it- then you’ve got a problem – a big one.


  • The best leaders I know refuse to tolerate mushy communication
  • Calling fouls is the responsibility of the leader
  • The healthiest organizations I see are not conflict free. They are just ridiculously committed to keeping short accounts.
  • If we wanted an easy profession, then we should probably find something besides ministry to do
  • Some pastors whose churches are dying don’t want to know the objective facts of their situation because they are genuinely afraid the raw information will be more than their hearts could bear
  • Inside every critics attack is usually a tiny kernel of truth. And rather than lashing back, I should  spend my energy figuring out what it is
  • This is the only time in history when I get to fight for God. This is the only part of my eternal story when I’m actually in the battle.
  • Lead something beyond your main thing. You’ll become a more effective leader.
  • Leadership’s first test is the test of the family and it’s the test that must be passed before any further tests may be taken.

Final Grade: A+             Buy it here… NOW!


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