Book Review: Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity

I’m really starting to study a lot about finances – both naturally and spiritually – this book really helped me with the Spiritual side of handling money and seeing God’s will for my finances. I would definitely recommend this book if this is an area you’re interested in learning about. Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • If you want to walk in the perfect will of God, and experience His richest and best for your life, you’ve got to do the perfect will of God.
  • If the Bible said it, it’s so, whether I’ve got it or not
  • The word rich means “full supply” – it doesn’t mean you’ll be a multi-millionaire
  • It is not wrong for you to have money – it’s wrong for money to have you
  • Put pressure on the Word, not people


  • Faith in God and His Word that is acted upon will bring results everytime
  • For the Word to work for you – it must be in both your heart and your mouth
  • Never talk failure
  • A church sows seed just as an individual sows seed – they reap what they sow – and many churches wonder why they’re not prospering
  • Don’t do something because so and so did so, be sure the Spirit of God is telling you to do it!
  • You’ve got to START obeying God with pennies, nickles, and dimes – faithful with what you’ve got
  • 3 Reasons People don’t Prosper: 1.) Laziness 2.) Extravagance and Excess 3.) Poor Management

Overall a very easy read with a lot of great information that you should be putting into practice!

Final Grade: B        Buy it Here!


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