Book Review: Crazy Love

This book was a gift from Zack Blair, what a great gift it ended up being! (I think books are the best gift someone can give!) This book is definitely a must read. We’re all in need of discovering how much God loves us, and this book really helps you grasp that truth. I’m really learning that all I need to do in life is know and pursue God with all of my heart. A simple thing to talk about, a little harder to live. This book will point you in the right direction toward total surrender.

Final Grade: A+    Buy it here


Here are some highlights to spark your interest:

  • We forget that we have everything we need in Him
  • The point of your life is to point  to Him, whatever you’re doing, God wants to be glorified, because this whole thing is his.
  • In about fifty years, no one will remember you
  • God will ensure my success in accordance with His plan, not mine
  • Are we in love with God or just His stuff?
  • Lukewarm people rarely share their faith with neighbors, coworkers, or friends
  • Would your life look differently if you stopped believing in God?
  • Jesus call to commitment is clear: He wants all or nothing.
  • “Our greatest fear as individuals or the church should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”
  • Would you be satisfied in Heaven if  you had all your friends, family, houses, etc. and didn’t have Christ
  • Giving that is not motivated by love is worthless.
  • What are you doing right now that required faith?
  • The thing that matters most is how we use what we have been given, not how much we make or do compared to someone else.
  • Let God be as original with you as He is with other people.
  • The greatest thought that has ever entered my mind is that one day I will have to stand before a holy God and give an account of my life.

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