Book Review: Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

This was the first book I’ve read by Guy Kawasaki, I actually got a copy in advance because I am a part of, one of Guy Kawasaki’s projects.

If you are unfamiliar with Guy, he is the former chief evangelist of Apple. He is the co-founder of and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures.

Enchantment was a great read! This book will teach you how to market yourself and your business in 2011! It will help you becoming an enchanting individual, enchant your customers, company and your boss! It will also teach you how to enchant the people you lead!

Guy defines Enchantment as “the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or idea.”

From a business or ministry perspective, Enchantment will teach you to properly use e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, or a company website to your benefit. It’s extremely practical and the principles are easy to implement.

I would highly recommend reading this book! Buy it here:

Here at the Chapter Titles in case you are interested:

Why Enchantment?
How to Achieve Likability
How to Achieve Trustworthiness
How to Prepare
How to Launch
How to Overcome Resistance
How to Make Enchantment Endure
How to Use Push Technology
How to Use Pull Technology
How to Enchant Your Employees
How to Enchant Your Boss
How to Resist Enchantment


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