Book Review: Fearless

Over the course of the summer I have had some things come into my life that brought fear in an instant. It’s interesting that you never really know where your faith is for an area of your life until you have to use it. That was definitely the case for me, it’s a lot easier to say what the Word of God says about a subject opposed to actually doing something with it. So, long story short I decided I need to find out what the Word of God says about Fear! Immediately after that I saw Thomas Nelson was coming out with this book for the Book Review for Bloggers so I got it.

This was my first Max Lucado book, so I had huge expectations based on his reputation for writing. To be honest, I enjoyed the book, but I did not end up reading all of it. Some of the fears I just didn’t relate to because of the season of life I’m in and I felt like the book got repetitive pretty early on.

The main theme of the book is that we all live in a fear driven society and we often let fear run our lives. The answer is obviously to have the one fear that is healthy: the fear of God. Fear God and all of your other fears seem to fade away.

I did get side tracked by a series by Keith Moore called “Free from All Fears”  that really helped me with fear as well.If you’re struggling with fear of anything, I’d recommend listening to this series.

Overall, the book is a good read. I wouldn’t say it is a must read, but if you’re struggling with fear at all, it will give you some perspective of how much God loves you and how small your fears are in light of that.


Here were some of my highlights:

  • It’s not the absence of storms that sets us apart. It’s whom we discover in the storm: an unstirred Christ.
  • Fear, at it’s center is a perceived loss of control.
  • Worry has more questions than answers, more work than energy, and thinks often about giving up.
  • For fear of the worst, most people never enjoy life at its best.
  • Fear is life’s only true opponent. Only fear can defeat a life.
  • The One Healthy Fear – the fear of God!
  • When Christ is great, our fears are not.

Overall Grade: B     Buy it here


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