Book Review: Following God's Plan For Your Life

I’m obviously a big Kenneth Hagin fan and I really enjoying reading his books. I’d highly recommend all of them because of the truths contained in them. Of course, like any book, the key is application, but these books always provide truths that we constantly need to be renewing our minds to. Here are some of my highlights:

  • Learn to not only get the what of God’s plan, but pray until you know the when and how
  • Days of preparation are never lost time
  • Your preparation time might not be comfortable because you have to die to your own desires and your timing and allow God to prepare you
  • Find the race that God has set before youbook1
  • Don’t look around to see where others are in their race and try to get on their track and run. Let God speak to you where you are in your race.
  • Many Christians are caught up trying to receive specific direction from God, but they forget to be a doer of the Word.
  • You won’t be able to follow God’s plan for your life unless you’re willing to do whatever He might ask you to do
  • Believers who follow God’s way may not always be able to see very far down the path, because following God is a step-by-step walk of faith and obedience.

Those were only through the first half of the book… If you’re need direction in your life or questioning how to figure out the will of God- check this book out.

Grade: B     Buy it here


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