Book Review: Get Involved by Tom Baker

Just over a month ago, I was at an event, and met a group of staff from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh. One of the guys I met was Tom Baker. After my initial conversation with him, I was very impressed, so I asked him out to lunch. We met at his office and he gave me his book, Get Involved.

After lunch, I was even more impressed by this guy! He fired me up! He is involved in everything you can imagine. If there is something to be involved with in the City of Pittsburgh, Tom Baker is involved with it! The best part of being around Tom though, is that afterward an interaction with him, you want to get involved in everything you can.

That’s what this book is all about. It is a quick and easy ready, but an inspiring one. It is filled with short nuggets on how to make the most of your 20’s and 30’s.

My biggest takeaway was that there are a million and one opportunities for all of us to make a difference and make something of ourselves, we just need to choose to go for it.

If you’re a teenager, twenty-something, or in your thirties, read this book. It won’t disappoint.

Also, if you’d like to connect with the author, you can find him on Facebook here.

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