Book Review: Good to Great

I had been trying to read this book for the past 5 years and never got to it until now. If I’d of known the gems that are in this book I would have made it one of my top priorities when it comes to reading books.

Whether you’re a CEO of a large company, lead a ministry, coach a team, are a teacher, or are just concerned about living a great life you NEED to READ THIS BOOK!

The book was based on 5-6 years of research on businesses that literally went from being good companies to great companies (read the book to find out what qualifies). I say this because there are a lot of statistics and numbers and this book and it’s easy to think this book is only for people in the business world.

However, I promise you if you’ll give it a chance and will read it through in it’s entirety that you’ll be able to take it’s timeless principles and apply them in your life and start to see your own personal life, career, family, etc. go from good to great.

Final Grade: A+ Buy it here


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