Book Review: Mastering the Silence

As much as I’ve enjoyed hearing Doug Jones teach at Victory during the Impartation Conferences, I never really got any of his material (books or audio teachings) until recently. I’ve heard several people brag about this book over the past few months and then found out it was a requirement for the healing team training I am going through.

I could not put this book down! It was a very quick and easy read with unbelievable truths in it. The way Doug takes scripture and breaks it down from a birds eye point of view is amazing. This book really deals with battling your thought life. I would put this on my life of life changing books (which is harder to make then you may think…unless the author is John Maxwell… then it is automatic). Pastor Craig said that this isn’t just a book we should have in our library, but a book every believer should have in their hearts. I absolutely agree. A+

Buy it here.

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