Book Review: Next Generation Leader

This book has been on my to read list forever – finally picked it up after Christmas.The book is by Andy Stanley – who is the Senior Pastor at Buckhead Church. On top of recommending this book – I would highly recommend Andy’s Pod-casts. They’ll add a ton of value to your life. This was a great book – Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • The two best kept secrets in Leadership are: 1.) The Less You do, the More you Accomplish 2.) The less you do the more you enable others to accomplish
  • Being busy isn’t the same as being productive
  • Leaders aren’t the first to see opportunity – they’re the first to sieze one
  • Failure is part of success
  • Your leadership will be judged


  • You can’t hold people accountable for things that aren’t clear. People will follow you in spite of a few bad decisions, they will not follow you if you’re unclear in your instruction and cannot hold them accountable.
  • You need a leadership coach – they’ll take your father – faster
  • A good leadership coach will do everything in his power to close the gap between your potential and your performance.
  • In your early years of your career – what you learn is far more important than what you learn. In most cases, what you learn early will determine what you earn later on.
  • You can lead without character, but character is what makes you a leader worth following

There were so many more great truths in this book – hopefully that wetted your appetite enough to go out and buy this book. Every young leader should read this!

Final Grade: A    Buy it here


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