Book Review: Personality Plus

John Maxwell said that when he read this book in his mid twenties, it changed the way he lead forever. Why? Because until he read this book, he led under the assumption that everybody was like him. That he could lead everybody the same way he led himself. He read this book and recognized that he would have to learn to lead people in different ways based on their personality. Needless to say, I had to read this book!

This is definitely a book I’m going to come back to time and time again. Learning the temperaments to the extent that I’ll be able to identify what all my leaders are, and learn to lead them based off their personality!

This book focuses on 4 personality temperaments:

Sanguine – The outgoing social butterfly! (I’m a Sanguine off the Charts!)

Melancholy – Perfectionists, Detail Oriented, always serious.

Choleric – Born leader. Achiever. Take Charge!

Peaceful Phlegmatic – “The Leveler” – Easy Going. Go with the flow. Indecisive.

This book will teach you a lot about yourself and the people around you. Once you read this, the things that irritate you with other personality types, won’t bother you as much. You’ll learn it’s just part of their personality and you can learn to get along with them, in spite of the things that drive you nuts about them!

I’d recommend this book to anyone!


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