Book Review: Promotion!

This book was given to me by a mentor – I loved it! I really enjoy reading Rick Renner’s books. While this book is titled “Promotion – Ten Guidelines to Help You Achieve Your Long-Awaited Promotion”, it also serves as a great tool for scouting, recruiting, and hiring potential leaders. This book is basically a picture of what a Godly leader’s life should look like. I’m going to use this book on a consistent basis to evaluate my life, my leadership, and in evaluating our leaders in our ministry.

If you want to go into ministry, excel in your workplace as a Christian, or if you oversee anyone in any capacity, I’d make this book a must read for you! I hope you enjoy it!

Final Grade: 9.5/10      Buy it Here!


Here are some highlights:

  • Jesus said when choosing someone for leadership, we are to consider the fruit in his life.
  • Nothing should be done better than the way a Christian does it
  • Any person who does just the required minimum should never be considered for leadership.
  • You may be able to preach a good message, but if you can’t effectively communicate with your followers, you’ll never be able to build a church or an organization.
  • Public ministry begins in a person’s private life
  • Your influence is only as strong as your personal life
  • Nothing is more powerful than a message backed up by a life
  • If I am to be a good leader, I have to realize that my decisions affect many other people’s lives.
  • If a person interrupts you, argues, and wants to defend himself, it’s usually a sign that he has a difficult time submitting to authority.
  • Time is a great revealer of who people really are
  • One of the marks of an upcoming leader is that they have already made themselves essential to the organization

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