Book Review: "Put It Behind Ya" by Pastor Larry Bettencourt

This book means more to me than you could imagine! It was written by my mentor and spiritual father, and good friend, Pastor Larry Bettencourt. I mean this sincerely when I say if it weren’t for Pastor Larry, I would not be where I am today. He believed in me when nobody else did, he lifted me up when I was down, he gave me opportunity, he allowed me to make mistakes, and he loved me unconditionally. The greatest thing about Pastor Larry is that he not only did that for me, but for thousands of teenagers, youth leaders, and youth pastors throughout his ministry so far.

He wrote this book to help people (specifically teens and young adults) get over there past. To make them realize that regardless of what they’ve done or where they’ve been that God loves them, forgives them, and still has an incredible future in store for them. I’ve met very few people that explain and have a revelation of God’s love and grace that Pastor Larry does.

I’d highly recommend this book to everybody! It’s a quick and easy read, yet the truths contained it are life changing!


Here are some of my highlights:

  • You cannot go back and erase the past, but you can put it behind ya!
  • Our choices today will determine our tomorrow. God wants to help, but you need to allow Him to help.
  • God is not so concerned about the failures of your past, but He is concerned about the steps of faith for your future
  • Don’t be all you can be, be all God wants you to be!
  • You’ll never be free to reverse your future until you are free from the pain of your past!

Those are just a few highlights from the first two chapters! Again, I’d highly recommend buying this book!

Final Grade: A        Buy it here!

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