Book Review: Put Your Dream to the Test

John Maxwell has made such a huge impact on my life through his teachings and books. Personally, I try to devour as much of his stuff as I am able to. What I love about John’s books is that he can take complicated principles about leadership and life and put them into bite sized pieces that anyone could digest.

I’ve been looking forward to reading “Put Your Dream to the Test” for a long time. I’m 23 years old and still really figuring out my strengths, my weaknesses, and what dream I am going to pursue with my life.This book really helped me get some clarity on some issues I was wrestling with.

We live in a world where it’s easy to find people that have dreams, but it’s very difficult to find people who are actually living out their dreams. There are a lot of reasons people never start pursuing their dreams, give up on their dreams, or never see their dreams come to pass. John covers all of those in his book. So no matter where you are in your journey, if you’re questioning where you are when it comes to pursuing your dream or why you’re not making progress the way you should be, read this book!


John breaks down your dream into 10 questions that put your dream to the test. The more questions you can answer successfully, the more likely you’ll be to see your dream come to pass. The questions that really impacted me were:

1.) The Ownership Question – Is my Dream Really My Dream?

2.) The Clarity Question – Do I clearly see my dream?

3.) The Reality Question- Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?

4.) The Cost Question – Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?

This book is definitely worth the read! This should be a requirement for anyone who has a dream in their heart.It’s a quick and easy read, but filled with wisdom for your life. Get this book now!

Final Grade: A     Buy it Here


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