Book Review: Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength was a great book. What a great opportunity to get inside the life and mind of Tony Dungy. If I can say anything about this book, it would be that Tony Dungy has his priorities right. In everything He does, he tries to put God first. I learned a lot about character, work ethic, putting family first, dealing with disappointments, and keeping accomplishments in perspective from this book.

The book can be summed up in this statement from Tony:

“I love coaching football, and winning a Super Bowl was a goal I’ve had for a long time. But it has never been my purpose in life. My purpose in life is simply to glorify God. We have to be careful that we don’t let the pursuit of our life’s goals, no matter how important they seem, cause us to lose sight of our purpose. I coach football. But the good I can do to glorify God along the way is my real purpose. I want to help people see the path to eternal life through Christ, to enjoy an abundant life now, and to fulfill their God-given purposes here. We are all role models to someone in this world, and we can all have an impact—for good.” -Tony Dungy 


My big takeaway: No matter what you do in life, it is for one purpose: to glorify God.

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Some Highlights:

  • Chuck Noll and Dick Vermeil saying, “Don’t throw in the towel on what you believe in.” Coach Noll had always told me, “Being stubborn is a virtue when you’re right; it’s only a character flaw when you’re wrong.”
  • Even though we didn’t understand why Jamie had taken his life, our job was to persevere and continue to follow the Lord no matter what.
  • Coach Noll always emphasized that keeping ridiculous work hours doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.
  • we just don’t have family forever
  • When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. —George Washington Carver
  • “God has created you a certain way with certain interests and passions. Follow them.”
  • Plus, if I trust God that all things work together for good, then I have to believe it—even when it doesn’t feel good to me.
  • It’s always easier to do things the wrong way, but it’s always best to do them the right way. —CleoMae Dungy
  • Pain prompts us to change behavior that is destructive to ourselves or to others. Pain can be a highly effective instructor.
  • God’s definition of success is really one of significance—the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others. This significance doesn’t show up in win-loss records, long résumés, or the trophies gathering dust on our mantels. It’s found in the hearts and lives of those we’ve come across who are in some way better because of the way we live
  • Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else. —Chuck Noll
  • Good teachers help all their students earn an A. —Dr. Wil Dungy
  • God’s plans don’t always follow human logic. I was finally a head coach, but it had happened in a setting and through a process that had made me believe I had no chance. We often can’t see what God is doing in our lives, but God sees the whole picture and His plan for us clearly
  • while the Super Bowl is a great goal, if it’s all we’re after, we’ll be disappointed when we get there.
  • Chuck Noll always reminded us that “Football is what you are doing right now, but it’s not your life’s work. You’ve got to continue to prepare for your life’s work.”
  • I need to treat everybody fairly, but fair doesn’t always mean equal.
  • What’s important is not the accolades and memories of success but the way you respond when opportunities are denied.
  • Our parents encouraged us to follow our dreams and told us that if we wanted to do something, we could do it. And, they said, if we did it the Lord’s way, for the right reasons, we would be successful.
  • What are you going to do to make the situation better? —Dr. Wil Dungy
  • It’s the journey that matters. Learning is more important than the test. Practice well, and the games will take care of themselves.
  • But football is just a game. It’s not family. It’s not a way of life. It doesn’t provide any sort of intrinsic meaning. It’s just football.
  • “Life is hard, but God is good.”

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