Book Review: Sparkling Gems

Alright so I got this book because it is required reading for VBI. I’ve seen it in our bookstore for years and I’ve seen it on a lot of pastors desks. To be honest – the title threw me off and the fact that it contains “gems from the Greek” just scared me! On top of that it is a devotional book (I am not a huge fan of devotion books). So let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to reading this.


Then I opened the book and actually started reading it. The result: I couldn’t put it down. I have not read the entire book (there is over 800 pages!) however, after reading about 200 pages I’m convinced that every believer needs this in their library. Every page is filled with wisdom – I’ll use this as a devotional for the rest of my life.

If you don’t buy this book and read it on a consistent basis – you’re missing out.

Final Grade: A+     Buy it here


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