Book Review: Spiritual Leadership

I recently heard about this book from a John Maxwell Lesson. He said it’s one of the books that have influenced him the most in his life on leadership. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read it.

This was probably the best leadership book I’ve read. The title makes it obvious, but it’s because it concentrates on being a spiritual leader, not just a leader in general. I’ll be going back through this book often. It is definitely a book that will mark my life. I’d make this required reading for anyone who wants to go into ministry.

Big Takeaway: If God’s called you to lead, go after it with all of your heart, but recognize that leadership is a responsibility, not a game or for your glory.

Final Grade: 10/10      Buy it Here

Some Highlights:

  • God assigns places of spiritual ministry and leadership in His sovereign will.
  • If the disciples figured to learn about leadership on the fast track and with appropriate perks and bonuses, Jesus soon disillusioned them.
  • “It occurs to me that perhaps the best test of whether one is qualified to lead, is to find out whether anyone is following.”
  • One should inquire of a potential leader whether he or she 1) does little things well; 2) has learned to focus on priorities; 3) uses leisure well; 4) has intensity; 5) knows how to exploit momentum; 6) is growing; 7) overcomes discouragement and “impossible” situations; and 8) understands his or her weaknesses.
  • The secular mind and heart, however gifted and personally charming, has no place in the leadership of the church.
  • To reach this goal, a spouse must fully share the leader’s spiritual aspirations and be willing to join in the necessary sacrifices. Many a gifted leader has been lost to high office and spiritual effectiveness because of an uncooperative spouse.
  • Jesus’ classrooms were the highways of life; His principles and values came across in the midst of daily experience. Jesus placed disciples into internships (Luke 10:17–24) that enabled them to learn through failure and success (Mark 9:14–29).
  • Before we can conquer the world, we must first conquer the self.
  • We cannot learn about prayer except by praying.
  • The character and career of a young person depends on how he or she spends spare time.
  • Minutes and hours wisely used translate into an abundant life.
  • Our problem is not too little time but making better use of the time we have. Each of us has as much time as anyone else. The president of the United States has the same twenty-four hours as we. Others may surpass our abilities, influence, or money, but no one has more time.
  • ‘Well, I just had two hours to kill here in between trains, and I thought I would come and see you.’ That used to bother me. Then the Lord convinced me that He sends people our way.
  • Unless our reading includes serious thinking, it is wasted time.
  • Those who lead the church are marked by a willingness to give up personal preferences
  • Only one Leader holds office forever; no successor is needed for Him

These highlights surely do not give justice to the book – there were so many that I probably have 5-6 pages! Buy this book!


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