Book Review: Starving Jesus

This one was a recommendation/requirement by our new youth pastor, Nathan Hurst. Overall, it was a great book about getting out of the pew/church and going into the world and actually do something for God! It was written by the founders of XXX Church – Great ministry for accountability if you’re looking for one. Here were some of my key takeaways:

  • Christians have forgotten what the outside world looks like, feels like, etc.
  • When was the last time you stopped talking and actually went out and did something for someone?
  • Don’t let His sacrifice go another day in your life without pulling someone out of their sin and asking them how you can help them
  • We’ve been creating Christians whose main desire is to please themselves
  • The world has come to identify us by what we hate or are offended by instead of what we love or why we love

  • Think of one person you can think of that needs Jesus, Now Go!
  • Your time should be spend: 1.) Drawing closer to God 2.) Blessing others
  • Churches need to challenge you to engage the world with your faith
  • Whose life can you change by giving them your time?

I’d recommend reading this book – the last few chapters are a little repetitive – but overall – a great read!

Final Grade: B Buy it here!