Book Review: Talent is Never Enough

I was recently in the mood for a Maxwell book and currently in my own personal life I was and am realizing that I could be the most talented person in the world, but if I don’t take that talent and gift and work on it, I’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile.

This book wasn’t anything new when it comes to Maxwell’s stuff, but I like the premise of the book. Talent really is never enough! How many talented and gifted people do you know that never reach their potential? This book really helped me refocus on the disciplines of my talent, my character, and the importance of surrounding myself with others who can cover my weaknesses!

I would recommend this book and any Maxwell book to you… they are always refreshing and encouraging, and I find that every time I go back and read them a few years later (as I’ve developed), I read them at a whole new level.

Final Grade: B

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