Book Review: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

This book was a recommendation from Tim Ferris. He said that he makes anyone that works for him read it. Because I am a fan of his work, like the 4-Hour Work Week, I picked it up. I have also been reading Steve Jobs, who was a master at marketing. Reading about how much marketing mattered at Apple increased my desire to learn more about the subject.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing was a quick read, but a fascinating one. This is going to become a handbook for me that I refer back to often. It’s a book that you need to study over and over again so you get the concept embedded in your mind for when you have to make decisions concerning your organization.

My big takeaways: Marketing matters. A lot. Marketing is a lot more than just an ad you see somewhere. It’s everything your company represents. It’s the products you produce. It’s the service you provide. How you market depends where you are in the market, what your goals are, etc. Marketing campaigns can take you to the top or sink you forever. Line extension can kill your company. Simplicity usually wins out.

Whether you are in the marketing field or not, understanding these principles will make you a bigger asset to whatever organization you are a part of. Get this book. Read it. Refer to it often.

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Here are the laws that you will cover in the book:


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