Book Review: The Blessed Life

This should be required reading for anyone who goes to church or has ever criticized prosperity! This is one of the best book I’ve ever read on the subject of money and the blessings of God. If you have ever found yourself asking questions about God and money, the church and money, or whether or not God wants to bless you, you need to read this book.

This book will teach you about tithing, offerings, and extravagant giving. It will reveal to you God’s heart to bless His people when they put Him first, it reveals God’s purpose for prosperity, and you will learn how to put God first in your finances so you set yourself up to be used by Him in the area of finances.

If you’ve been struggling financially, get this book. If you’ve had a hard heart toward churches and pastors that talk about money, get this book. If you have ever questioned whether or not God wants to bless you financially, get this book. It’s a must read.

To read more about the author, Robert Morris, go here!

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Some Highlights:

  • God is generous beyond our ability to imagine
  • Being blessed means having supernatural power working for you
  • The days of the blessed person are filled with “divine coincidences”
  • Can you imagine what the Body of Christ could accomplish if every believer tithed?
  • God doesn’t care if we have stuff, He cares if stuff has us
  • A person’s net worth doesn’t tell you anything about their heart
  • Get out of Debt, Never manipulate others, Give
  • One of the biggest rewards of obeying God and getting out of debt is the freedom to do the right thing when God speaks to you about it.
  • God is not going to give us more money if we can’t be faithful with the money that He has already given us
  • 3 Levels of giving: Tithing, Offerings, and Extravagant giving




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