Book Review: The Hidden Man

Another Bible School read – Kenyon delivered once again! This was a great book…Here are some highlights:

  • You can have no deep faith life without a love life
  • The Trouble with most believers is that they’ve never had their minds renewed
  • The great combat today is between love and selfishness
  • Until your spirit gains mastery over your senses; your faith will never be strong and vigorous
  • Selfishness never gives joy,  it only gives limited happiness


  • The Word never becomes a part of our lives until we act on it
  • Joy is not happiness, happiness belongs to your senses
  • We’ve preached the ethics of Christianity , rather than the reality that makes up Christianity
  • Philosophy is a total failure in seeking the solution to the human problem
  • Faith is no greater than your confession – you will rise or fall to the level of your confession
  • Sin is walking in selfishness

These are just a few of the nuggets I enjoyed….. I hope it wets your appetite to read this book. It will definitely help you in your growth and development as a believer.

Final Grade: B      Buy it here


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