Book Review: The Truth About You

I’ve heard a lot about the author of this book, Marcus Buckingham, but have never actually picked up any of his work. I recently joined Thomas NelsonsBook Review Bloggers” initiative where you receive free books if you commit to writing a 200+ word review on them. The first book I requested was “The Truth About You“. I choose the book because I have become a student of myself. I think it’s important we learn about ourselves. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? I was hoping this book would help me in the process.

When I got the book, I found out that it is more than a book. It is an experience! It comes with a DVD to watch, a book, and a “re-memo” pad.

The DVD takes you through 3 myths that Marcus Buckingham says people buy into in life.

Three Myths People Buy into in Life:

  1. Your personality changes as you get older
  2. If you want to grow – don’t rely on your strengths- work on your weaknesses.
  3. The best teams have well rounded people playing all the roles well.

He takes each of these myths and breaks them down, explaining why they’re myths, then tells the truth about those areas.
The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

In the book Marcus teaches you 5 principles that he says is the best advice you’ll ever get:

  1. Performance is always the point
  2. Your strengths aren’t what you’re good at, and your weaknesses aren’t what you’re bad at
  3. When it comes to your job, the “What” always trumps the “Why” and “Who”
  4. You’ll never find the perfect job
  5. You’ll never turn your weaknesses into strengths

The biggest take away from the book for me was that strengths are anything activities that make you feel stronger. Of course this would mean that your weaknesses are any activities that make you feel weaker. We often think just because we’re good at something means it is a strength – but there are a ton of people who are good at things they hate – you can’t consider that a strength could you?


Marcus then challenges you to take the rememo pad and anytime you’re doing something you feel strengthens you – write it down and to do the same thing with things that weaken you for an entire week. At the end of the week take both the strengths and weaknesses and try to come up with 3 strength and weakness statements – be specific! This is a great approach of learning your strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, I would definitely recommend reading this book. It can be read in one sitting, the DVD is only 24 minutes long, and the application of the principles will add a ton of value to your life.

Final Grade: A+

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  1. Since you are interested in Marcus’ work, I thought you might also be interested in the work of Jenifer Fox. It may both touch your professional practice in your church, and have personal resonance.

    Jenifer is a lifelong educator. In 2007, she wrote Your Child’s Strengths, (Viking 2008) with an introduction by Marcus Buckingham. Right after finishing it, she traveled with Marcus on his Go Put Your Strengths to Work Tour to show the results a strengths approach can yield in a high school setting. Jenifer’s book describes how to get children involved in strengths discovery from an early age, not just high school. It both describes why this is important with great stories from schools, but also provides practical tools to get started. I think it is worth mentioning to someone like you because it helps teachers help kids discover their God-given strengths before they get into the workplace and find themselves in jobs which don’t energize them.

    Since publication, Jenifer has been traveling the country and spreading her message to schools businesses and various organizations interested in strengths. I am reaching out to you as an adult interested in developing his own strengths whose work touches families and children who can also use this practice. Many churches and christian youth groups are interested in Jenifer’s ideas. For example, this spring she will speak at the Willow Creek Conspire conference.

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