Book Review: Unleashing the Super Ideavirus

Anything you read by Seth Godin is gold! Seth co-authored this book with Malcom Gladwell, making it even better! It really helped me realize the process for spreading ideas that win. It’s a great marketing book and whether you’re promoting a new product, a website, a youtube video, or what you think is the next big idea, this book will help you develop a process to help your product or idea go viral. Of course, the challenge is making a product or having an idea worthy of going viral.

If you’re into creating and pushing ideas and products. Pick this book up!

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Here are some highlights:

  • SNEEZER Some people are more likely to tell their friends about a great new idea. These people are at the heart of the ideavirus. Identifying and courting sneezers is a key success factor for ideamerchants.
  • If just 1% or even 15% of a group is excited about your idea, it’s not enough. You only win when you totally dominate and amaze the group you’ve targeted. That’s why focusing obsessively on a geographic or demographic or psychographic group is a common trait among successful idea merchants.
  • If you don’t get permission to follow up, the entire $100 is wasted.
  • If your idea doesn’t become a virus, it’s most likely because it didn’t deserve to become a virus.
  • If it’s not compelling, it will never lead to an ideavirus.
  • Is it worth it? Nobody spreads an ideavirus as a favor to you. They do it because it’s remarkable, thought-provoking, important, profitable, funny, horrible or beautiful.
  • Targeting everyone is a sure path to failure.
  • Choose your sneezers—don’t let them choose you. By focusing obsessively on who you’re choosing to sneeze on your behalf, you build the foundation for your virus.
  • The challenge of the idea merchant is to turn the virus into an asset. And you turn the virus into an asset when you ask the user for permission to follow up directly!
  • The more people know your virus, the more it is worth! Thus, if charging people for exposure to your virus is going to slow down its spread, give it away.

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