Book Review: When God Writes Your Love Story

I really do believe as we grow up and become busier and busier that we need to literally be led on what books to read. People give me books and recommend books to me all the time… and I’ve really had to be led on which ones I read and when.

This was definitely one God put on my heart to read and it was very beneficial. I think everyone single Christian needs to read this book… it will encourage you, open your eyes, and really deepen your faith when it comes dating or waiting for “The One or (the two, for those who’ve heard Craig Groeschels messages on dating)”.

Great Book!

Final Grade: A Buy it here


7 Responses

  1. I started reading this one and in the middle of it it got boring. haha. The content of it is very good though. I need to pick it back up.

  2. It got boring?!?!?! You got boring! I thought the whole book was sick… although I enjoyed the girl writing better than the guy…. Finish it Bri Bri!

  3. Wow; i really wanna get this book, i’ve heard that hadd help alot of people realize alot in their life(;

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