Book Review: Wide Awake

This is definitely a must read book by Erwin McManus. Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • If your dreams became the future of humanity – would the world be a better place?
  • When God is at the core of our lives – He becomes the inspirer of our dreams
  • You cannot even begin to live the dream that God has for you until you stop caring only about yourself
  • The world cannot afford for you to choose an easy and average life
  • You have no greater responsibility than to live the life that God created you to live
  • Do you expect the world to be different because of your life?

  • Your life is God’s gift to you and to the world
  • The question is not will someone lead the way in creating the future for humanity – the question is -will you be one of them?
  • The dream and the future of so many across the world are dependent on the investment and compassion of those more fortunate
  • Is it possible that no matter how big your dreams are, how expansive your imagination, how ambitious your goals, they pale in comparison to what you would begin to see for your life if you would invite God into your life conversation?

Final Grade: A Buy it Here!


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