Cardboard Testimonies

We did this at our church this past weekend. It was so powerful. I’ll have the one from our church up when I get it. Isn’t it amazing what God can do in one person’s life? Wow… gets me so excited to touch a generation of people for the Kingdom!


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  1. This was the most powerful illustration I’ve seen in a long time. Seeing so many people that I know and how they have been transformed by God, was such a humble reminder of how good He is.

    It was so awesome, because when we saw someone’s testimony (like yours) we could only relate to the backside of the cardboard because there is no remnant of the front side. Lish and I were watching person after person and saying, “we didn’t even remember that about that person until we saw their cardboard testimony” – that’s transformation!

    Love you man!

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