Catalyst West Coast: Day 1 Recap

Wow… I am loving the West Coast so far! The conference is being held at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA in Orange County. The church has probably the most impressive campus I’ve ever seen.

You can check out pictures of the church along with pictures from day 1 here courtesy of Ben Rath.

Day One was amazing! Here are some highlights:

Opening Session with Erwin McManus Highlights:

  • Unfortunately there is usually no connection between doing church and changing humanity
  • Do we pretend we’re reaching the world when in reality we’re only loving and reaching people that are like us?
  • An atheist asked me a question I didn’t know and I said, “Just because I can’t answer your question, doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist, it just means I’m stupid”
  • Is your ministry an exclusive club just for Christians or can anyone come and feel welcome?
  • Is your life leading people to God?
  • Problem – everybody wants to be popular… you’re going to have to give up popularity in order to influence the world around you
  • Jesus is the instant path to enlightenment

Session 2 with Eric Bryant Highlights:

  • When people have a need do they think of you as someone who can meet it? Do they think of your church?
  • We need to allow people to belong before they have to believe
  • The church is not here to meet our needs, its a place to take care of the worlds needs
  • Are we befriending people different than us?

Session 3 with Dan Kimball Highlights:

  • Who is the last person (Non-Christian) you hung out with outside of church? Prayed for?
  • Jesus first Words: “Come follow me” Last Words: “Go”

Session 4 with Mark Batterson Highlights:

  • The greatest blessings in life often come out of nowhere!
  • In the long run your competence will have less and less to do with your success… Your success will depend upon your ability to get competent people around you
  • Numbers 11 – Moses and God…. Sick chapter… God made things happen out of nowhere – Moses knew God would come through…
  • How big is your God?
  • You’ll never be more than 80% certain
  • Church – You’ve got to Grow More so you can Give More
  • You can’t take credit for things that happen “out of nowhere”

Session 5 with Erwin McManus Highlights:

  • Are we earning the right to have meaningful conversations in peoples lives?
  • We don’t “bring” Jesus to the World… He’s already there… we just get to jump in and be a part of what He is already doing (Wow!)
  • People are more committed to success than they are spiritual transformation
  • If you refuse to define yourself, you’ll get defined by others

What an incredible day… tons more happened that was fun, but I’m done….. Good night from Orange County!


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