Catalyst West Coast: Day 2 Recap

What an incredible day… I’m literally blown away and I stand in awe of what God is doing in the world through the body of Christ. I literally can’t put into words what God is stirring up in my heart…

Here are my highlights from the talks:

Session 1: Andy Stanley

  • Uncertain times are the arena where great leaders are born
  • You don’t learn anything in good times or in times of certainty
  • It’s ok to be uncertain, it’s not ok to be unclear
  • To be clear in uncertain times, go back to the vision that God put in your heart
  • The clearer you are on what God’s called you to do, the less uncertainty will matter
  • Would you do what God is calling you to do even if nobody came with you?
  • We need to be more concerned about the people we haven’t met, then the ones we have
  • Leadership isn’t about making decisions alone, it’s about owning the decisions once they’re made

Session 2: Guy Kawasaki

  • You’ll never appeal to everyone, when you try to, you create mediocrity
  • Making people happy or unhappy is a lot better than making them indifferent
  • If people won’t get your message in 15 minutes, they probably never will
  • Ignore the bozos…

Session 3: Catherine Rohr

***Catherine runs an amazing ministry…. you need to check it out!

  • Are you known for the worst thing you’ve ever done? Neither should other people… (Grace)
  • A lot of times we need to look at people as human beings instead of animals
  • We need to do life with people and help them achieve their “proudest moments” in life

Session 4: Jud Wilhite

  • Until you settle the identity issue – you’ll never be or have enough
  • There is no “There” so learn to enjoy the journey
  • Surrender your view of you for God’s view of you
  • We should talk to ourselves more than listen to ourselves
  • When you believe something other than what God says about you, you’re calling God a liar

Session 5: Ravi Zacharias

*I need to listen to this talk again… Ravi is amazing and he said so many amazing things…

  • What you applaud you encourage, be careful what you celebrate
  • People can’t argue love

Session 6: Brian Houston

  • Be a church planter and builder, not a church critique
  • WE are the Church… the Church is so much bigger than one person
  • If we don’t believe in what the church is supposed to be, how will the world?
  • When you’re a part of the house of God -> you ALWAYS Flourish!

Session 7: Nick Vuljicic

  • “It’d be dishonoring to God to live my life and not believe that I could change the world
  • God uses people based on availability, not ability
  • FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real
  • 2 Questions Jesus will ask us: 1.) Do you know me? 2.) Who did you bring?
  • FAITH = Full Assurance In The Heart
  • You’re a miracle to someone when you give them Jesus
  • Satan wants to take your joy from you… period
  • Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there
  • Trust is a daily choice

Overall a great day… really looking forward to tomorrow…


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