Catalyst West Coast: Day 3 Recap

So Catalyst West Coast Has come and gone… What an incredible conference! Changed my life.

Here are some highlights from the talks in day 2:

Craig Groeschel

  • Romans 12:2 – Don’t be conformed to the American dream!
  • Don’t rely on the package of your church… Trust in the power of the Gospel
  • Lukewarm Pastors build Lukewarm Churches
  • Church should be a safe place with a dangerous message
  • Build your church on what you’re about, not on what you’re not
  • Don’t build your ministry and church – build the Kingdom
  • Don’t blame yourself for the declines, you might take credit for the increases
  • When your identity is in the numbers, you won’t obey God
  • How can you accept the term ” ” when there are 4 billion people that don’t know Christ?
  • We’re a small church with a mega vision
  • People want to join a big mission, not a big building
  • Level 1 Believers – Believe in the Gospel enough to benefit from it
  • Level 2 Believers – Believe in the Gospel enough to contribute comfortably
  • Level 3 Believers – Believe in the Gospel enough to give their lives to it

Erwin McManus

  • Our job is unleash people to do good, not just stop them from doing bad
  • At your church, can people discover the power to be who they are?
  • Before we were pounded into the ordinary, we dreamed of the extra ordinary
  • We need to be more committed to the dreams of other, than to our own dreams
  • Small acts may not change the world, but they can tilt it to go in the right direction
  • Our job as spiritual leaders is to detonate obstacles in the way of others dreams

Rick Warren

  • Healthy churches don’t grow fast… fast growth= cancer
  • If you don’t  care about numbers you’re telling people  to go to Hell
  • We need to Divert daily, withdraw weekly, and abandon annually – the world can get along without you
  • A crowd is not a church
  • Nobody is the model… Jesus is thee model
  • Never Compare – Foolish comparison: 1.) Find people better – discouraged 2.) Find people your better than – Pride
  • Jesus isn’t going to ask you “How come you weren’t more like your hero? He made us to be us… He doesn’t need doubles
  • Learn from Everybody
  • The simpler you get, the more God will use you
  • Judge your church on it’s sending capacity
  • We need to be interested in an army, not a crowd
  • You can fake love for a year or two, but you can’t fake it for 30!

Francis Chan

  • If you hear pastors name more than God’s name when people are talking – we’re missing it
  • We’re picky about going to ball games, plays, restaurants, etc…. People are the same way with our churches
  • You can talk people into making a decision… but you’ll have to keep talking them into everything else
  • I hate the book of Acts, you never put it down and say, “That sounds like our church!”

Perry Noble

  • The size of the vision God will give me is directly related to the amount of pain and discomfort I’m willing to endure
  • W/o pain and discomfort – we don’t know how much we need Him
  • Dry times allow you to experience God’s provision
  • When we learned to be obsessed and desperate for God and trust Him, that’s when we’ll succeed
  • We don’t give into God’s vision because of: 1.) Fear 2.)  Laziness 3.) Being obsessed with being discovered instead of Development
  • If you’re still where you are, you’re not ready for the next level
  • Leadership is as easy as listening to God!
  • If you haven’t had a sleepless night over vision – you don’t have a vision from God
  • What would you do for God if you knew you couldn’t fail? -> Your a coward if you don’t do that
  • Are you scared? If not, God isn’t in it, because you could do it yourself
  • Listen to Jesus and when you’re ready – He’ll blow your freaking mind!
  • Don’t you dare give up on a God who’s never given up on you

I’ll  probably have a post or two on my whole experience at Catalyst – God changed my life… man! So excited!


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