The Best Correction and Feedback I’ve Ever Received

I recently wrote about the best encouragement I have ever received and how encouragement has changed my life. Today, I want to focus on the best correction and feedback I have ever gotten. A while back, I wrote about the importance of getting feedback in your life. Proverbs 9:8-9 says, “So don’t bother correcting mockers;they […]

My Goals for 2016

Last night, we had our first L3 Leadership Mastermind group of the year (if you would be interested in joining a mastermind group, e-mail me at We all shared our top ten goals for 2016. It was a very inspiring night. Personally, this is my third year going public with my goals. While it was […]

My 2015 Year-End Review Recap

At the end of each year, I do a year-end review. I go through all of my journals and calendars and reflect on everything that happened that year. I then type a report of everything I reflect on. You’ll see a lot of the categories I reflect on below. The main goal of the review […]

7 Challenges of Being a Young Leader

Last week, I posted about the benefits of being a young leader. Today, I want to talk about some of the challenges that come with being a young leader. When I interview leaders for the Learning to Lead podcast, I always ask leaders the following question: Where do you see young leaders “missing it” most […]

Episode #67: I’m 30 and Thriving (Part 1) [Podcast]

I recently turned 30 years old and spent some time reflecting on how I used the last decade of my life. In this episode, I share the top lessons I’ve learned in my twenties. I hope it adds value to your life. Episode #67: I’m 30 and Thriving (Part 1) Links Talked about in this […]