2015 Goal Update

[shareable]’Our best memories often start out as our boldest dreams.’ -Mark Batterson[/shareable] Every Monday, I write out my top ten goals for the year in my journal. This helps keep me focused on what I want to accomplish. Two years ago, I started making my goals public. I do this for two reasons: 1.) To help […]

5 Reflections from my Decade Review

Every year during the last week of December, I do a year-end review. You can learn more about my process for that here. In May, I turned 30 and decided to do a decade review. I reviewed all of my year-end reviews from the last decade of my life. It was a great experience. In fact, […]

One of the Greatest Compliments You can Receive

I recently conducted a decade review. I went through all of my year-end reviews that I did while I was in my 20’s and reflected on how I used that decade. (In case you’re interested in the results of my review, I am currently writing a 2-part podcast episode on the lessons I learned in […]

My Journey to Freedom [Video Sermon]

This past Sunday, I had the honor and privilege of speaking at my home church, Victory Family Church, for Pastor John and Michelle Nuzzo. My life has been greatly impacted by the teaching, the leadership, and the people that attend this church. You can watch the message and get my notes below. In this message, […]

How Buying a House Changed Our Lives

Laura and I bought our first house just over a month ago. How did buying our first house change our lives? It didn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, having our own house is a huge blessing and we are extremely grateful that we are able to have a house of our own, but it didn’t change […]