Character (Part 2)

Moral Failures

I’ve just recently been learning about moral failures and how to deal with them from both ends of the spectrum. Today I want to focus on what to do when someone you know goes through moral failure and tomorrow I will cover what to do if you’re the person who failed.

If someone under you has committed moral failure (obviously what to do could be different based on how serious the issue is). These approaches can be used with your staff and even your family!

  • Try to find out if the failure was a result of ignorance or rebellion
  • Ignorance- they didn’t know any better
  • Rebellion – they knew better and did it anyway
  • If it’s ignorance they need some teaching
  • If it’s rebellion they need correction and discipline
  • Depending on the situation they most likely need to be pulled from their leadership position
  • You need to forgive them, but remember just because you forgave them does not mean they should keep their position. They need to get help for a season and prove themselves again over time. You either have to demote them or let them go.

Have you ever tried to discipline someone who did something out of ignorance? Or teach someone who was in rebellion? We need to differentiate the two and treat them appropriately.


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