Character (Part I)

“To Become the Leader You Want to be on the Outside, You Must Become the Leader you Need to be on the Inside.”
Character has been one of the major themes in my life this year! I think growing up, you just assume character is something that comes with age, but anyone whose lived any period of time knows that is not true! Character and Integrity are developed and ultimately they should be what define you.
Some Things I’ve Learned about Character:
  • A true test of a mans character is what he would do if he’d never get caught and who he is when no one is looking.
  • In Ministry, I won’t get second chances. In the world, if a doctor or teacher has an affair, it’s not necessarily the end of their life or career, it is not that way in ministry.
  • Character is like the 90% of an iceberg that is below water, it is our foundation for the 10% of us that people get to see (above water)
  • Talent might get you to success, but character is what will keep you there.

Tomorrow I want to hit up what happens when there is a moral failure and some things I’ve been learning along those lines.


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