How Should Christians Vote?

I recently attended a luncheon where Tony Evans was the guest speaker. His message was phenomenal! You can listen it to it here. After the lunch, Tony gave everyone in attendance two of his book, one being “How Should Christians Vote”. With the upcoming election less than a month away, I had to read this book. I am so glad I did! It was excellent! After reading it, I have a much better understanding of our role as Christians when it comes to voting. I highly recommend reading this book in the next few weeks leading up to the election.

My biggest takeaway: Every voting choice you exercise ought to be for the candidate, platform, party, or policy that will best represent the values of the kingdom of God.

Some of my other big takeaways:

  • As a Christian, you cannot discuss government without discussing God.
  • Many people want “God bless America” today. They just don’t want “One nation under God.”
  • Government cannot be all things to all people. Only God can be everything for the people. When the state seeks to adopt such a role, it is seeking to emulate God.
  • God’s government consists of four distinct realms: individual, family, church, and civil government.
  • Biblical justice aims to protect individual liberty while promoting personal responsibility.
  • No solitary party – fully reflects the values of the Kingdom of God
  • God’s plan is to advance His kingdom!
  • The further a government drifts from God (which means it seeks to become its own god), the more it sets itself up for heavenly political action.
  • The problem in our society is that most people fear the government more than they fear the Lord.
  • There is no such thing as salvation by government!
  • You need to research the candidates and issues to know where they stand and what is at stake.
  • There are certain things that God is willing to do in a society, but He won’t do them until we as Christians take up our responsibilities in that society. Our actions can determine which way God will move.
  • There is no area of life that does not have a biblical worldview attached to it.
  • We cannot complain about the size of big civil government when the church is having limited influence and impact in society. Limited church social impact will inevitably result in the expansion of civil government.
  • God didn’t come to take sides, He came to take over!
  • God has not given his allegiance to any party. His allegiance belongs to Himself – His Word, principles, and truth.
  • You should vote for each issue according to your Biblically informed conscience.
  • The church is to be the key to transformation of the culture.
  • Your vote matters. Never treat your vote lightly.

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