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I meet a lot of people who either don’t go to church, haven’t been to church in a long time, or they go to church, but more or less just go because it’s “what they are supposed to do.” Maybe you find yourself in one of these categories. I can relate.

Growing up, I hated going to church. I did not connect at all. I went because I had to. Going to church made no difference in my life. However, in middle school and in the last ten years, going to church has dramatically changed my life.

I’ve met some of my best friends in church, discovered my God-given gifts and talents, grown spiritually, have been able to make a difference in the lives of others, had opportunities to go on mission trips around the world, and have gotten connected with others who want to change the world. Going to church has helped all aspects of my life, including my relationships, finances, career, family, and of course, my spiritual life.


I want you to know that it is ok to evaluate where you go to church. Going to church every week, but dreading it, is an awful way to spend an hour or two every weekend. Not going to church every week is not wise. You need to find a church that makes a difference in your life.

In evaluating your church, ask yourself these questions:

Does it Make a Difference in Your Everyday Life? – If what you’re getting on Sunday isn’t impacting your life Monday through Saturday,  what’s the point?

Does it give you opportunities to grow spiritually? – Getting saved is awesome, but you need a plan and a process to grow-up spiritually. If you want to grow spiritually, what avenues is your church providing for you to do that?

Does it give you opportunities to Serve? – One of the best ways to grow and develop is to serve. You have gifts and talents that can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Does your church provide opportunities for you to use those gift to serve others?

Does it give you opportunities to “do life” with others? – Ultimately, a sermon once a week from your Pastor won’t be enough for you to grow to your maximum potential. You need to have a group of people you go through life with that are like-minded and will help you grow. Does your church provide opportunities to do life with others?

Does it Give You the Opportunity to be a Part of Something bigger than yourself? – Ultimately, your church should have a bigger vision than just holding a service every week. It should have a vision to change the world! Being a part of something bigger than you will change your life.

If your church does not have these things, I’m guessing you either dread going to church or you do not go to church at all. I want you to reconsider church. Try a new church every week until you find one you like. Once you find one you like, commit to going there every week for at least 3-6 months. See what happens. I promise you, your life will changed for the better!

Ultimately, church isn’t about you, it’s about God, but if you are going to church every week and it’s doing absolutely nothing for you or your relationship with God, perhaps you need to find a new church. 

Once you do find the a good church, realize that: 

No Church is Perfect – You’ll eventually find things you won’t like and that you want to change or complain about. That is normal. However, you need to realize that no church is perfect! Learn to look for the good and overlook the bad.

No Pastor is Perfect – No matter how awesome your pastor is, they’ll eventually do something you don’t like or they will hurt you. Most likely, it’s not intentional, they are human. Give them grace.

No People are Perfect – Same thing.

Going to church is one of the most important things you can do for you, for your family, and for everyone else you’re going to come in contact with in your lifetime. It’s worth taking the time to find the right one. So, what church are you going to this weekend? If you live in Pittsburgh, I’d love to help you find a great church! There are a ton of them in our city! E-mail me!



What characteristics do you look for in a church? 

Are you going to a church that is making a difference in your everyday life or are you just going to a church because you think you’re supposed to? 

Have you ever checked out multiple churches in order to find one that you actually like going to? If not, maybe you should check out some new churches in the next few weeks. 

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