Get a Coach!

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” ~Bill McCartney

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been coached. We have all had coached that have taken us to another level. They saw something in us that we didn’t see. They helped us go further, faster. If we are going to become everything we are capable of becoming, then we need to surround ourselves with coaches in every area of our lives!

My question to do you today is simple: Are you getting coached in as many areas of your life as you can?

Here are some of the areas I need and try to get coached in:

Physical Fitness and Nutrition – Do you have someone in your life that pushes you to get into the best shape of your life? Someone who challenges you to eat right?

Career – Do you have someone coaching you in your career? Who is helping you develop the skills you need? Who is helping you get better? Who is helping you set yourself up for a promotion?

Character – Who can tell you no? Who can call you out when you mess up? Who holds you accountable? We need several coaches in our lives that can do this!

Speaking and Writing – For me, I love writing and speaking, so I am always trying to get coached in these areas. I want people to help me become the best I am capable of becoming. What gifts and strengths do you have that you need a coach to help you develop?

Finances -Who is coaching you on the way you handle your money? Who is helping you get out of debt, budget, and invest?

Leadership -Who is coaching you in leadership? Who is giving you feedback on your decisions and on the way you lead your team?

Family -Who is coaching you on how to have a better marriage? A better family?

Spiritual -Who is coaching you in your Christian walk? Who is taking you deeper?

If we want to become everything we’re capable of becoming, we need coaches in our lives. This isn’t something that will happen by accident, we need to intentionally think of people who could coach us in every area we need coached and ask them to coach us.

What areas of your life do you need a coach in?

Write them down and make a list of potential coaches in this area!


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