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Are you ready to seize control of your life, break through limitations, and achieve your dreams? Doug Smith is your trusted coach, with two decades of experience, ready to guide you towards building the extraordinary life you deserve.

Why Coaching Matters

Doug knows from personal experience that having a coach can be a game-changer. Coaches have been instrumental in his own journey to success, and he’s committed to being that guiding force in your life. Your dreams, aspirations, and goals are within reach, and Doug is here to help you reach them.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to invest in yourself and have Doug as your coach.

What Doug Can Help You Achieve
As your coach, Doug will empower you to:
“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Doug for the past two years. My experience has been a 180-degree transformation. Doug is a leader who not only focuses on leading well for your business but also leading well for yourself, your family, and your community. He’s changed the trajectory of my life, and I’m beyond grateful for his incredible leadership. Through his care and authenticity, he has made me a better leader.“
Jesse Broniszewski
Chik-fil-A Leadership Development Program Participant

How Coaching Works

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During your call, Doug will conduct a comprehensive intake to ensure your goals align with the coaching process.

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What to Expect from Coaching

Who is Coaching with Doug For?

Growth-driven leaders committed to reaching new heights.

Leaders passionate about personal development.​

Leaders eager to learn and grow.

Experienced in leadership coaching for
over 20 years.
The Return on Your Investment

Working with Doug, you’ll develop a life plan, set goals, embrace journaling, conquer obstacles, and learn the systems and processes for building a great life. With a dedicated personal coach by your side, you’re bound for success.

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