The Compounding Effect of Showing Up & Producing

“Picasso painted more than a thousand paintings, and you can probably name three of them.” -Seth Godin

Recently, I was looking up different artists on Spotify. One thing that I noticed was the most popular artists come out with a new album almost every year. Out of those albums, maybe one or two songs will become hits while the other 10-12 songs are just ok. However, I think one of they are successful is because they are continually showing up and producing their best work. Over time, their efforts begin to have a compound effect that brings them more influence, success, and rewards.

I then started thinking about people who are successful in other fields. I noticed a similar pattern:

  • The best artists are consistently producing art.
  • The best authors are consistently writing and publishing.
  • The best athletes show up to practice and consistently bring their best.
  • The best pastors consistently create and give messages, lead, and help people.
  • The best executives consistently work hard and grow their capacity to lead.

John Maxwell often says, “The secret of your success is found in your daily agenda.” So many people want to be an overnight success, but they don’t realize that success is simply the compounding effect of showing up and producing your best work day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Uris said it this way, “It took all my life to become an overnight success.” I love that. Today, I simply want to encourage you to:

  • Keep showing up
  • Keep writing
  • Keep speaking
  • Keep serving
  • Keep going to church
  • Keep loving your wife
  • Keep loving your kids
  • Keep reading
  • Keep growing
  • Keep working hard
  • Keep getting better
  • Keep painting
  • Keep working out
  • Keep networking
  • Keep developing yourself
  • Keep shipping 

If you’ll do this day in and day out, one day you’ll find yourself having more success, influence, and rewards than you could ever imagine. However, it won’t be the success, influence, or rewards that will make you happy. What will make you happy is the daily journey of consistently showing up and giving your all!

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