Consumed… With Myself or Others?

“Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.” -Phil. 2:3

This is something God’s been teaching me over the past year and I’m finally starting to get it!!!

In the past:

  • I was consumed with impressing other people and constantly working to gain the acceptance of others
  • I said I want to add value to people everyday,  but in reality I wanted to add value to me
  • I’d “listen” to people talk about what God is teaching them, but in reality I was loading my head with revelations I’ve gotten to share with them that I thought was more  life changing than what they were talking about
  • I was consumed with building the Kingdom of Bubba instead of the Kingdom of God
  • I thought I was more important than other people


  • I realize I’m really not that important and that the world isn’t watching nearly as closely as I thought
  • I realize that when I’m trying to build my own kingdom, I’m missing out on God’s best for my life when I’m not building His Kingdom
  • I realize that if I’m going to add value to people I need to:
    • Think of them as being better than myself
    • Do it intentionally – schedule time for this, have a plan, etc.
    • Care more about making their dreams come true than my own
    • Give them my time
    • Listen – and not try to give them my “superior knowledge and wisdom”, but just listen

Now I know I’m not perfect at this yet, but it’s something I’m intentionally working very hard at – esteeming others more than myself.

Are you more consumed with building your life or the lives of others?



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