Creators of Leaders, Be Careful

I love the movie Scent of a Woman. It has one of my favorite speeches from a movie in it. Here are a few lines from it that I’d like to expound on:

“I’ve been around you know, there was a time I could see. And I have seen boys like these, younger these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off, but there is nothing like the site of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that. You think you’re merely sending this splendid foot solider back to Oregon with his tail between his legs, but I say, you are executing his soul . . . Makers of men, creators of leaders, be careful what kind of leaders you’re producing here.”

Have you ever had an amputated spirit due to someone else tearing you down? Has someone ever spoken things to you that have stuck with you for weeks, months, or even years? Have you ever had a leader that you respect tear you down?

How about the opposite? Has you life ever been lifted because of a leader? Have you ever been built up by a leader that you’ve had in your life?

So many people’s lives have been shaped and formed by what the leaders that were in their life when they were young have spoken over them. Parents, teachers, youth pastors, aunts, uncles, you name it. They all have a part in creating who we end up becoming.

The point of this post is to make us realize how important our roles are as leaders and how vital it is that we handle our influence responsibly.

We’re all leaders in one way, shape, or form. We all have influence over someone. As leaders, everyday we have the opportunity to either lift people’s lives or tear them down. We have the opportunity to shape and to mold everyone we come in contact with and have influence over. We can either help someone with our influence, or execute them. Everyday we have the opportunity to either amputate someone’s soul or to be a prosthetic for them.

“Creators of Leaders, Be Careful What kind of Leaders You’re Producing

What kind of leaders are you producing through your words and your influence?


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