Dan Dupee, Board Chair of the CCO, on Creating Organizational Culture and Leadership

In these episodes of the L3 Leadership podcast, you will hear Dan Dupee, Chairman of the CCO, teach on creating and sustaining organizational culture and our Q&A session with Dan.

Dan Dupee, Board Chair of the CCO on Leadership 


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Dan Dupee is the Chairman of the Board of the CCO. He served as President and CEO of the CCO from 1999-2015.

A 1981 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University , Dan says, “My life was changed by the CCO’s Jubilee conference when I was a freshman.” Dan served as a CCO staff worker at Penn State University from 1981-84, and then returned to his hometown of Cincinnati to work for the next 13 years in his family’s business, Olsten Staffing.

“The college years are a crossroad for so many students,” Dan says. “What happens during these years so often influences their lifestyle and faith. We have the privilege of helping college students incorporate their Christian faith into every avenue of life : as our mission says, ‘transforming college students to transform the world.’ Since being involved in the CCO’s ministry during my own college years, I’ve been convinced that this is probably the way college ministry ought to be done.”

Dan is also the author It’s Not Too Late: The Essential Part You Play in Shaping Your Teen’s Faith, which was published in 2016 by Baker Books


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