Dating and Relationships (Part 3)

On Sunday, I had Laura share with our youth group about dating and relationships! She did an unbelievable job! I am so proud of her! I am so honored to be marrying such a Godly woman!

In this post, I’ve included her main points from her message. At the end of the post, I’ve embedded her message. I’d encourage you to listen to it! Our hope is that you will be inspired, encouraged, challenged, and equipped to have successful relationships!

Lessons Laura Learned about Dating and Relationships:

*You cannot pursue sexual sin and Jesus at the Same Time – Enough said!

*Your obedience or Disobedience Doesn’t Just Affect You, It Affects Your Future Spouse – You’re going to have to tell your future spouse about your past relationships and sexual history! It will affect them!

*You Cannot Turn Away from a Relationship or Sexual Sin without Accountability –  If you’re in a bad relationship or doing things you shouldn’t be, you won’t stop until you talk to someone about it or someone calls you out on it! You need accountability!

*Your Past is Your Past! – Admit it, Quit it, Forget it!

3 Lessons I learned for the Girls:

1) Find your security in God, not a guy! – No guy will ever completely fulfill your need for love and security, not even your spouse! When you find your love and security in a guy, he WILL let you down. And when he does, you will get hurt and become insecure. God will NEVER let you down, ever.

2) Care more about your inner beauty than outer beauty. – Proverbs 31:30 – Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised! Develop a habit of spending more time with God each day than time in front of the mirror. The world tells you to dress with less! God says Modest is the Hottest! Your clothing speaks volumes! It will teach people to treat you with respect or disrespect! You wouldn’t want your husband to be tempted by another woman who is dressing scandalous, so don’t you do it Your body will eventually sag, shrivel, and droop and fade, but your inner beauty lasts forever!

3) Guard your heart and never compromise! – Proverbs 4:23 – Guard your heart ABOVE ALL ELSE for everything you do flows from it! if you give away your emotions, your body is quick to follow! Build boundaries…even if you are not dating. Write down what you will and won’t do ahead of time! Don’t settle for a casual Christian! When you settle for less than God’s best, you are insulting God!

3 Tips to the guys:

1) Get on fire for God! – If you’re not committed to serving God, what would make you think you will be committed to serving a girl? A passion for God is the single most attractive thing for a Christian woman

2) Become a LEAD-HER – Ephesians 5:23 – Husbands are the head! A wife/girlfriend will become what you lead her to become. Lead her to emotional security, lead her to purity, and lead her closer to Christ!

3.) Get a job – Even Adam had a job of naming all of the animals before God brought Eve


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To listen to Laura’s podcast, click play below:



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  1. I really enjoyed the wonderful message that you are teaching to men an women. So many other need to hear this message because they are just pursuing the sins of the flesh. I was on the same path with my flirting and so much more, but I thank God that I am patiently waiting for my soulmate so that we can both enjoy the Lord together!! My prayers are with you guys, and I wish you two the best in your marriage 🙂 Stay blessed!!!!

    1. Thanks Shia! We’re glad the message blessed you! Keep your standards high! God will bring you the right person at the right time! Thanks for leaving us a comment!

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