Dating and Relationships (Part 4)

When your single or in a relationship, you tend to get a lot of advice on the subject from a lot of people. Throughout the course of being single and being in relationships, I received four pieces of advice that really helped me in my journey. I thought I would share them with you today:

It Only Takes One – As a single guy, this set me free! Everywhere I went I was trying to find a wife! I was lonely! I longed to meet the girl of my dreams! Then someone said, “Bubba, relax! It only takes one!” If you’re single, be encouraged by that! It only takes one girl or guy!

You’re Not Trusting God – I had to take a year off of dating. At the time I was dating Laura. My biggest fear was the thought of losing her. What if she dates someone else? What if I lose her? A mentor said, “Bubba, you’re not trusting God!” Talk about a divine slap in the face! If you’re worrying about anything in your singleness or in your relationship, ultimately you’re not trusting God!

Can You See Yourself Growing Old with Her? – There was a season of my life that lasted about a year in which I kept going back and forth about Laura. One day I was convinced she was the one. The next I wasn’t so sure. A pastor friend gave me a litmus test for the relationship. He said, “Can you see yourself growing old with her? Raising kids with her?” Thinking through those questions helped me a lot!

You’re Selfish – While in the season of not being sure, I said to my friend, “I keep going back and forth. Something is holding me back and I can’t put my finger on it! I don’t know what it is!” He said, “You don’t know what it is?” “No!” I said. “Dude, your selfish! Start putting her first and serving her and see what happens.” I started putting Laura first and serving her, 8 months later we were engaged!

The Takeaways:

  • Don’t get consumed with whether or not you’ll find “the one” – you will! It just may not be in your timing!
  • Trust God!
  • Never get serious with someone you can’t see yourself growing old with, raising a family with, etc.
  • Your purpose in any relationship is to SERVE your significant other! Period!


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