Decisions That Can Change Your Life this Year

“We make our choices, then our choices make us.”

Decide to Change Your Life

Decide to go to Church for the entire Year

Decide Who You Want to Be

Decide to Read the Bible and Go Through a Reading plan

Decide to Spend time with God everyday

Decide to bless Someone Once a Week

Decide to Add Value to People Every Day

Decide to Get Around the Right People

Decide to Become the kind of Person You want to Attract

Decide to have a Daily Agenda

Decide to Create a Budget

Decide to Pay Off Your Debt

Decide to Volunteer Somewhere

Decide to Donate Money to a Chairty

Decide to Try New Things

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Decide to Wake Up Early

Decide to Make One New Friend a Month

Decide to Go to Events to Network and Meet new People

Decide to Blog

Decide to Journal

Decide to get Mentored

Decide to Surround Yourself with People who Stretch You

Decide to Develop a plan for Personal Growth

Decide to Learn a New Skill

Decide to Discover your Strengths and to Develop Them

Decide to Set Priorities

Decide to Set Goals

Decide to Get Accountability

Decide to Plan out Your Days, Weeks, Months, and Year

Decide to Read a book a Month

Decide to Listen to a Leadership Podcast a week

Decide to Workout 5-6 days a week

Decide to Eat Right 80% of the time

Decide to Go Back to School

Decide to Start Tithing

Decide to Quit Drinking and Smoking

Decide to Work Harder and Smarter than You Ever Have

Decide to Join Clubs that will Improve You Skills (i.e. Toast Masters)

Decide to Spend time with one of Your Heroes

Decide to Grow on Purpose in Your Marriage or Relationship

Decide to write a Book

Decide to Make a Bucket List (A list of things you want to do before you die) – Dream big!

What other decisions could you make that could change your life?

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