I'll Dedicate My Whole Life to You

I am so excited about the Unbroken movie coming on out Christmas day. I read the book two years ago. I couldn’t put it down and I literally cried like a baby at one point while I was reading it on a plane.

In the book and in the trailer (see below), Louie, the main character, says something that I believe was a life changing statement for him (watch the movie or read the book to find out how!) and I believe can be a life changer for all of us if we’re sincere.

He said, “If You (God) get me through this, I’ll dedicate my whole life to you.”

I remember when I prayed that same prayer. I was 17 years old and I just got off the phone with my cousin who informed me that God put me on her heart that morning and she wanted to let me know that she was in the hospital with my mom and she led her to Christ 2 months before she passed away. I hit my knees, and with tears in my eyes said, “God, whatever you want for the rest of my life, I am yours.” 

My life has never been the same since.

Have you ever had a moment like this in your life? A moment when you dedicated your whole life to God? A moment when you decided you’d never go back to living the way you did before?

If you haven’t, I encourage you to. I believe when you pray that prayer and are sincere, your life will never be the same. God will do things in and through you that you never dreamed possible.

Even if you have prayed that prayer, I encourage you to continue to pray it the rest of your life. “God! Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do! Wherever you want me to go, I’ll go. My life is yours.”

Bill Hybels said, “Every life would be better if God was at the center of it.” I couldn’t agree more. Surrender your life to God and watch what happens!

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