Don't Downplay That!

The other day I was on the phone with my good friend, Dan Herod. He is a great friend who lives in Wisconsin. We have a monthly phone appointment where we talk life and ministry together!

He was encouraging me in the fact that God has allowed me to have some pretty awesome experiences. He brought up one specifically in which I got to spend time and work with someone significant. I laughed and said, “Man, that wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t really do anything.”

My attitude when I said that conveyed that I didn’t think I deserved to get that experience, and that I didn’t think I made much of a difference in the situation.


Without hesitation, Dan said,”Bubba, don’t you dare downplay that man! God gave you that experience and you were a huge blessing. Don’t down play the experiences God gives you and the people he allows you to be around. Ever! God believes in you Bubba and He is going to continue to give you opportunities and experiences like that as long as you quit downplaying everything He does in your life!”

Bam! That was a slap directly in my face! That conversation has really helped me a lot in the past month. It made me realize how good God has been to me. Instead of downplaying the great experiences and opportunities He’s allowed me to have out of insecurity, I can now turn my downplaying into gratitude.

What experiences and opportunities has God given you that you’re downplaying?

Maybe it’s the job you have. Maybe it’s the mentors or teachers you’ve had. Maybe it’s a special project you got picked for. Maybe it’s the family he has allowed you to be in.

Whatever experiences and opportunities God’s given you, be grateful. Don’t downplay the goodness of God in your life!


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  1. I love this topic!  I think we confuse humility and confidence with pride and insecurity.  Let’s talk about this!  I even have a diagram.  🙂

  2. Thanks Jessi! I do that all the time. This is a really tough challenge for me. I would love to sit down and talk about it. I can’t wait to see the diagram! haha!

    You’re awesome!


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