Don't Let Them Paralyze You

Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety. -Proverbs 29:25

Do you ever let other people’s opinions paralyze you? I know I do. I have some huge dreams in my heart. Some of which I’m working on right now, behind the scenes, but can I be honest? It’s scary.

People tell me, “It can’t be done.” “You’re too young” “You’re too inexperienced.” The thoughts fill my head, “This is stupid. Nobody is going to care. People are going to laugh at me. People will be annoyed with me. People will criticize me. I’ll never be a success. I can’t do this.” I could go on and on.

When these thoughts come we have a choice to make: Become paralyzed, give up, and go back to living a mediocre life. Or press through, stand up, be bold, trust God, and go after the dreams in our hearts, no matter what!

Keith Moore often says  this and it encourages me, “I’m convinced that Keith is going to make it. I’m going  to run my race, I’m going to finish my course, I’m going to do what God called me to do.”We need to have that mentality. That no matter what, we’re going to make it!

He said, “When I was young and moved my family to Oklahoma to obey God, everybody told me why I shouldn’t go and that I was making a mistake. But 20 years later, I’m in a position to help them, and now they all come to me and pat me on the back and say, “You’ve done well Keith, you made the right decision, good job!.”

When you make bold decisions to go after the dreams God’s put in your heart, you’re going to make irrational decisions. You’re going to do things that people will say are a mistake. You’ll be afraid. You second guess yourself. My advice: Do it anyway.

Don’t let any-one’s opinion paralyze you from going after your dream. Get around people who believe in you. People that encourage you. Make the decision to everyday take one step toward your dream. Publish your blog post. Start writing your book. Plant a church. Start a business. Run a marathon. Dream big and go for it.

You won’t regret it and in the end, the people that criticized you, will pat you on the back and say, “Great Job! I knew you would be successful!”



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