Drugs. I’ve done them, have you? If you would of asked me in high school what I thought of doing drugs, I would have said,“Drugs are fun.” If someone would have told me to stop doing them I would have said, “It’s my life, I’ll make my own choices.” If someone would have told me that drugs open up the door to other drugs, I would have said, “That will never happen to me.

Years later. I wish I could preach to every middle school and high school student on the planet an entirely different message:

  • Drugs are fun, for a season, then the fun runs out and they ruin your life.
  • Your choices don’t just impact you, they impact anyone who cares about you. You can cause people a ton of pain and grief through your choices.
  • It Can Happen To You – We could all get addicted to hard drugs. We could all overdose. We could all _____. Even in my life now, I never say, that something could never happen to me. Why? Because we are all one decision away from stupid. One decision away from addiction. One decision away from overdosing. One decision away from trying a harder drug.
  • Drugs will Limit Your Life – How they limit your life will be different for everyone. You will never even come close to reaching your full potential if your a drug user.

Here are some Tips for getting away from Drug Addiction:

Get Away From Any Body That Does Drugs – You will become who you associate. Want to stop doing drugs? Cut off everybody you know that is associated with them.

Don’t Give Drugs A Chance – If you give them a chance, they will be fun at first. That is what draws everyone in. Nobody when they start can fast forward and see where they will be if they continue using. The fun wears off. You start to crave a bigger high, you try harder drugs, you get addicted, they ruin your life.

Realize People Love You – Just because people don’t love the choices you’ve made, does not mean they don’t love and care about you. The people that love and respect you the most, want to help you the most. I can promise you, your friends that use drugs, don’t love you. If they did, they wouldn’t let you use. Open up in front of people that love you and have their life together. They can and will help you!

Don’t Try to Help People if it’s a Struggle for You – If you’ve struggled with drinking and have gotten free, you shouldn’t go to bars to help people struggling. That will open up doors for you to fall. The same is true with drugs. Be straight up rude to temptation. Ignore it.

Do Whatever it Takes – Go to rehab. Stay in your house for a few months instead of going out and being tempted to go places you know will get you in trouble. Do whatever it takes to get clean and stay clean.

Once Your Clean, Spread this Message – Talk to students and people who have never used about your journey. Tell them it’s not worth it. Tell them it can happen to them. Tell them their choices impact more people than just them. Tell them the fun wears off. Tell them how drugs will ruin and limit your life.

If you currently use or know someone who does, I did a few posts in the past on how I got free from addiction, bondage, and sin in my life. Here are the links:

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I hope this helped you.


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